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YouTube Dislikes – For a Balanced Marketing Campaign

There is no doubt about the fact that YouTube is one of the most powerful social media platforms currently available on the net. There are millions of people who upload or download their favorite videos from this site. YouTube enjoy a vast online community, which visit the site on almost daily basis, they watch different videos, they share them, they post their comments, they show their liking and disliking about the video by hitting the like or dislike button. As soon as a viewer starts to watch your uploaded video, it increases the number of views on the video. The more YouTube your video enjoys the more popularity it will gain in the online community. However, YouTube views are not a true reflection of the real popularity of your video; it just shows that your video has been viewed by so many people. Whether they like your video or not remains to be discovered. It is actually the number of YouTube likes and YouTube dislikes posted on your video that reflect its true popularity.

Over the past few years, all we heard was that the number of YouTube likes on your video is an indication of its success among the online community. Therefore, the prime focus of all the businesses doing their marketing on the YouTube platform was to get as many YouTube likes as possible. There was nothing wrong about this approach, businesses sure did manage to attract a lot of customers to their sites by doing an effective online social media marketing and getting as many YouTube likes as possible. However, in the pursuit of fame and success, they totally neglected the importance of dislikes.

Why YouTube Dislikes?

Many business owners fail to grasp the importance of dislikes. They simply consider them to be against their product marketing campaign, whereas in reality it is not the case. Dislikes are as important and effective for your online marketing strategy as the YouTube likes. You need to dig deep in order to realize the importance of dislikes. Following are the two main reasons that you need to add dislikes to your product or service videos that you have uploaded on YouTube:

To Make Your Videos Look Original

If you think you are smart and you know how to market your products by uploading their videos on the YouTube channel, and by adding as many Likes as you want, you need to keep in mind that your viewers and potential customers are also smart. Most of them know that it is not hard to add as many Likes to your product videos as you like; all you need to do is buy some of them from an online site. In order to make your videos look original, you need to keep a balance between YouTube likes and dislikes.

If your viewers find out that your videos contain hundreds of likes and there is no dislike, they will quickly jump to the conclusion that these likes are fake and you would have purchased them from some online site. However, if your product video contains Likes as well as dislikes there will be no doubt in the minds of your viewers about the authenticity of your videos. Therefore, while launching your online marketing campaign, you need to make sure to place equal emphasis on YouTube like and dislikes.

To Outsmart You Competitors

Doing business online is getting tougher and tougher with the passage of time and as more and more websites are being launched selling the same products and services. You need to be aggressive in your online marketing campaign if you want to survive this intense competition and make money. You need to think of ways to outsmart your competitors, so that you are able to pull more customers to your site. Dislikes can give you an opportunity to outsmart your competitors by posting as many dislikes on their product videos as you like. There are many sites that sell these dislikes, and you can buy dislikes in any number you want. Most of these sites will make sure that they do not disclose your identity, which makes it an effective marketing tool you can use to decrease your competitor’s sales and thereby pull all the traffic to your site.

Buy YouTube Dislikes

Finding a site that offers dislikes is as easy as finding a site that offers YouTube likes. Most of the sites that sell YouTube likes also offer you to buy dislikes from them. As the process of posting YouTube dislikes is the same as posting likes, many websites offer them in attractive packages, where you are able to buy your specified numbers of likes and dislikes at the same time.

You need to keep the same points in mind while you buy dislikes that you considered while buying YouTube likes. You need to make sure that these dislikes are posted by people who are active and responsive. You do not want fake dislikes on your video, as they can adversely affect your online marketing campaign. Therefore, making sure that the site you looking to buy YouTube dislikes is authentic and offers only genuine and active dislikes. You also need to make sure that the company does not disclose your identity especially if you are going to use these dislikes against your competitors. You need to ask the company first to make sure that your privacy is intact at all times and at all costs. You need to find a website that offers timely delivery and the best rates. Believe me, it is not hard to find such a website, all you need to do is spend a little time on the net and you will surely find a reliable vendor.