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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What is the maximum I can order?
A) There is no limit to your order quantity, for large (discrete) orders, please email [email protected]

Q) Is your service anonymous ?
A) Yes, your order is provisioned, your information is deleted, it is that simple. Optionally, you may also pay us with bitcoin if you want to remain completely anonymous, contact [email protected] for bitcoin orders. If you wish to remain anonymous using a credit card, we require you use a Visa or MasterCard non-re-loadable gift card purchased with cash. Contact customer service for more details.

Q) What if there is some error in provisioning our order ?
A) We will make best efforts to provision your order, if any problems with it we will fully refund your money.

Q) Will my social media be blocked by using your service ?
A) No, it’s not possible, it has never happened in the past.

Q) Where are these views from ?
A) All these views are from the social networks, including Twitter & Facebook.

Q) How do I cancel my order ?
A) Contact [email protected] to cancel your order

Q) Do you pay the money back or give guarantee on provided services ?
A) Yes, we sure do ! If we can not deliver your order, we will refund your money.